The name "Bass Coast" makes sense for an electronic music festival that pays homage to the place in the Pacific Northwest where the event is being held, Canada. And the word "Coast" in it, also stands for Community, Organization, Art, Science, and Technology, in which the principles that this music festival was founded on.

The event takes place along the banks of the Cold Water River in the Nicola Valley and this four- doesn't have any corporate sponsorship.

Local and travelers' feedback also were taken seriously as when fest-goers requested a move deeper into the woods, the organizers abided. Hence, cocooned by the Cascade Mountains, Bass Coast serves as both a refuge from contemporary society, as well as a new manifestation of it.

Since 2008, Bass Coast's mission has been to contribute to the West Coast arts community by building a festival with international recognition. The event also places a strong emphasis on installation art. Each of Bass Coast's four stages doubles as a high-tech art installation with projection mapping, multimedia and world-class sound system design. The festival even awards numerous grants for large art installation projects.

Co-founders Andrea Graham, who also performs electronic music under the moniker The Librarian, and Liz Thomson, met in Whistler, BC and began creating art projects together shortly thereafter. After going to music fests like Burning Man together, they decided they should bring a similar communal festival spirit back to their home in British Columbia.

Of course, Bass Coast's preferred electronica lean also helps to create an immersive experience in and of itself. The thumping, thundering bass lines boom in the natural environment, creating a wall of sound that's extra insular within the technologically enhanced spaces. And while focusing on new and emerging artists, particularly those produced from the region.

Bass Coast now features more than 100 local and international musicians and visual artists. And this four-day camping event aims to stay small and locally focused. Only 3,000 tickets are sold each year and the fest.