Currently with a 1,300 person waitlist on just its third week, "The Wing" is New York's newest, chicest social club. The Co-working space and social club has room for 250 members, but has more than 20,000 Instagram followers.

The exclusive for-women-only club was the creation of native New Yorkers Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, and was created for modern-day feminists of New York with similar needs, ambitions and aesthetics.

According to Quartz, the Wing is a bright, Instagram-ready penthouse on 20th street and is furnished with pink sofas, peach brass chandeliers, mint green walls and customized W-patterned terrazzo tables.

Books by women such as Rosa Parks, Danielle Steele and Clarice Lispector line the walls and are organized by color. A shower area is available for the modern working woman and is fitted with oversized gold shower heads and stocked with a lot of hair products. After photography, the news site's photographer said, "I want to live in this place."

In history, women's clubs were very popular in the early 20th century, according to I-D. Besides becoming a venue to make friends, these spaces gave women room to talk about important social issues such as education for women, suffrage and housing. Back then, there were over 600 women's clubs in New York and more than 5,000 across America.

In fact, according to Co.Design, "The Wing" is located near the midtown Manhattan's "Ladies' Mile", a 19th century shopping area that women would visit sans a male companion. This historic district became the predecessor of social clubs for women.

"The Wing" currently has an annual membership fee of $1,950 and potential members must undergo a screening process to ensure that they are the right fit for the club in terms of social knowledge and cultural savvy. For example, the creators say that one member they would call a "perfect fit" for the club is a "doctor who works with HIV-positive trans women in her Chelsea clinic and who loves Drake". Despite the seemingly stringent eccentricity that seems to be required from members, the creators also try their best to create an inclusive space where different types of women can feel at home.