Following the unveiling of Nintendo Switch's leaks and specs, fans couldn't resist the console's controller dock, seemingly, puppy-like features.

The combination of video games and puppies appears to be driving the fan-base of Nintendo Switch to the extreme, as a fan who handcrafted a 'Nintendog' plushie went viral online, as reported by Digital Trends.

According to iTech Post, after the reveal of Nintendo Switch via its YouTube channel, an artist claimed  that they kept seeing the Switch' handles as puppy ears.

It was said that the controller dock resembles a floppy-eared black Labrador and then subsequently a fan-made design, which went online, makes it more endearing.

Further reports by iTech Post stated that the Nintendo Switch puppy plushie has been handcrafted by a Twitter user named Anna. Using her Twitter username's 'AnnaTheRed', she posted pictures of a Nintendo-inspired puppy in a plushie form.

Accordingly, the photos have been shared all over various social media platforms and websites.

As gamers thought that the Nintendog will be a cute huggable companion, this gave birth to a new group of fans who tagged the puppy as the console's unofficial mascot, as reported by iTech Post

Some crazy fans even petitioned to make the Nintendo Switch's puppy the official community mascot; while some requested that the cute puppy be named 'Swoof.'

The Digital Trends described the design in details. It is said to make use of every button on the system's two Nintendo controllers. The thumb sticks represents the puppy's slightly asymmetrical eyes and the buttons corresponds as the little black patches all over its face.

Moreover, the plus and minus symbols at the top of the two controllers are became its eyebrows. Since the puppy doesn't have a nose but has a tongue popping out the bottom. The tongue can even be folded in to turn off the Nintendo Switch, as further explained by Digital Trends.

The plushie can stand on its own. As agreed by Switch's fans, "Swoof" is one genuine Nintendog.