Nowadays, it is almost "mandatory" to be leaving a little something for the waiters/waitresses or what we call the "tip". Though some may find it irrelevant, when deciding to dine in restaurants, you have to start considering giving out tips. Here are tipping tips to consider when dining:

1. Location
If a restaurant is located in a high-end city, follow the 20% charge whether it reflected on your bill or not. Tips are also called "gratuity charge" and are now heavily implemented in some restaurants in highly urbanized cities.

2. Service
On top of anything, it is the service that determines how worthy of a tip a staff is. Most of the time, it is always nice to be generous especially when we are given a satisfactory customer service. For most of the diners, they are often more generous to waiters/waitresses who go beyond what is expected of them.A Kind and thoughtful approach, patiently waiting for the customers to finalize their order and quick delivery of meals are some of the traits that frequent diners consider when tipping. Most diners also refuse to leave a tip when service is condemning, even if food is immaculately good. 

3. Food
If food is not good, some diners leave a lesser amount and some leave nothing at all. It is important to consider that as customers, people have the right to receive exactly what their money is worth. Good food results to good mood and good mood sometimes yields generosity.

Giving out a tip, billed or not is always a good thing. Though this may be challenging to some especially those who are currently on a tight budget, consider it as your little way of paying things forward after receiving a delightful meal and an exceptional customer service.