The Australian music industry wants to put an end on torrenting websites by blocking such sites, especially Kickass Torrents. However, Internet Service Providers in Australia says that it will cost AU$50 to refrain the site from popping on every new domain and that's why nobody wants to shell out for it.

 CNet reports, internet service providers in Australia like TPG, Optus, Telstra and Foxtel is asking for AU$50 per new domain and music companies such as Universal Music and Sony Music are battling them out in court to have them block access to Kickass Torrents. Adding that the case still continues even though Kickass Torrents has already been taken down by US authorities, but there's speculation that it's now back under new domain name.

Village Roadshow made the first site-block effort in Australia in order to block websites, which is "facilitating piracy" against a number of ISPs. The reason behind the case not being able to meet a decision until now, is because of the question, "who's going to pay for these websites to be blocked?" This similar situation is what Universal and Sony are facing today, CNN adds.

More so, the Village Roadhow case may still be pending, but this might introduce a new way of how Australia deals their site-blocking law. So, the judge handling the Universal and Sony case might be inclined to halt until the prior comes to a conclusion. Universal and Sony music legal counsel said that the case proceedings have "different facts in a different case."

However, Foxtel, one of the ISPs in the Universal and Sony case said that it wants AU$1,500 to block torrenting sites regardless of the number of domains it used.

Kickass Torrents, known as KAT, is being used on piracy in downloading tracks with likes of Justin Beiber, Major Lazer, Fallout Boy and all tothers, CNet detailed.