GoPro, the action camera innovator, might had a tough year; but they have found a good rebound by launching two new action cams, as reported by MSN.

Instead of developing further various models, GoPro pushed through with their return with two strong flagship models.

According to MSN, the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session are available at around $400 and $300, respectively. Both are $100 less than their predecessors but the innovated features offer more.

Its real powerful innovation is in its interior, with new features such as image stabilization, voice control, and caseless underwater technology.

Hence, the latest version is tagged as the "best action camera in the world" today. The GoPro devices offers a triple whammy -described as handy, simple and powerful, as reported by HNGN.

A beginner will not be worried about meddling mechanical technicalities especially with its dual operating buttons.

MSN described the specifications and features of the new GoPro devices, as follows:

The Hero 5 Black is water resistant up to 33 feet with no housing or waterproof covers over it. Its durable waterproof design is the USP.

Another standout feature of the devices is their touch screen LCD which is sported with more vibrant and with a snappier and more organized menu.

MSN also reports that similar to their previous GoPro models, video-capture options are still endless having a with resolution ranging from 480p to ultra HD and even 4K video.

The five field-of-view options can be selected, ranging from very wide to narrow; and frames per second settings are flexible (from 30fps to 240fps).

Another innovative feature is the ability to capture RAW or wide-dynamic range (WDR) photos during single-shot or burst mode, adjustable using the Protune controls.

Besides the usual connection to a smartphone device or tablet, the new GoPro models feature the in voice-control technology, with about dozen of commands like "GoPro, start recording," "GoPro, shoot burst," and "GoPro, start time lapse," to name a few, as further explained by MSN.

According to HNGN, as it is the first GoPro camera with a built-in GPS, it can instantly and correctly capture a user location.

These modest yet efficient innovations are consumer-oriented and flawless for action-cam users.