Fans of "The Walking Dead" were all sorts of surprised and emotional with the Season 7 premiere that debuted just this week. For Halloween, however, other fans are looking to go on a scary zombie-hunting roadtrip through some of the hit TV show's filming locations - most of them are located in Georgia.

1. Rick's House

Thrillist recently did a "The Walking Dead" roadtrip which spanned 132.5 miles. It started at Rick's house, located at 817 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. The nondescript house sits right across Grant Park and the zoo, and has since been renovated by a new owner.

2. Rick meets Glenn

Rick famously hides in a tank to escape a horde of zombies and is rescued by Glenn. This intersection is located at Forsyth St NW & Walton St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. Don't forget to pass by the Jackson Street Bridge, the place Rick was shot riding through an abandoned freeway.

3. Center for Disease Control

According to Around Me, this is actually the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center at 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway.

4. Hospital where Rick wakes up

In real life, this place is actually the administrative campus of the non-profit Atlanta Mission that helps the homeless. This area is popular as being the first place Rick wakes up from his coma.

5. Survivors' Camp

Also called Bellwood Quarry, this place is a 100-year old granite quarry and is quite near the city. A scene from the film "The Hunger Games" has also been filmed here.

6. The Prison

In the show, known as the West Georgia Correctional Facility, the actual place is the back lot of Raleigh Studios Atlanta. The prison was infamous for housing many zombies which the group was able to clear of on their own, making it a safe settlement.

7. Hershel's Farm

This idyllic farm is located just outside of the town of Senoia. This place was made known during the show when Hershel's family, whom he locked up in the barn because they had turned into zombies, were killed by Rick and the gang.

8. Woodbury

In the show, it is a safe-haven where less than 100 survivors live with some very strange rules under megalomaniac "The Governor". In real life, there is indeed a town in Georgia named Woodbury, but filming for the TV show took place in the scenic town of Senoia.