With much anticipation rising for Disney's newest family-friendly movie, "Moana", Hawaiian Airlines has joined the hype and outfitted three of their Airbus A330s with a special design, sure to get more moviegoers and travelers to Hawaii more stoked about the film, and excited for their Hawaiian getaway.

One A330 is already currently traveling on regularly scheduled domestic routes, according to MSN, and is expected to continue until March 2017. Once the other two A330s are ready, the special edition planes will also be flying to Brisbane and Sydney in Australia, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, and Auckland in New Zealand.

"We were inspired by the history of the great Polynesian voyagers," said "Moana" producer Osnat Shurer in a statement. "They were the greatest navigators in the world-using [only] the stars, the waves, and the currents-[and] we're very excited to work with the modern-day voyagers of Hawaiian Airlines."

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who voices the character Maui in the movie, posted about the launch of the Moana plane on his Instagram account, at the Honolulu International Airport. He is joined by Auli'I Carvalho who voices Moana, as reported by Oh My Disney.

Moana, Disney's first Polynesian princess and Maui, a demigod, are seen on the side of the plane sailing on a boat, along with Heihei, a rooster and Pua, a pig.

Besides the decals on the plane's exterior, the interior will also feature Polynesian artwork from the film on its luggage bins, a welcome video inspired by the film, and bonus movie trailers and casting videos as part of the in-flight entertainment. Limited edition products such as earbuds and blankets can even be purchased in-flight, or online.

One lucky passenger can even win the chance of going to the official Hollywood premiere by captioning a Moana illustration, in Hawaiian Airlines' raffle.

Walt Disney Studios' "Moana" hits theaters on November 23.