A lot of people claim that they usually find themselves ill right after going on a trip. There are many speculations on how this came about - could it be the food or the water? Could it have something to do with the air? Or could the culprit be your means of transportation - the airplane?

There are various studies that offer up different opinions on the matter. However, according to Independent Traveler they mostly say that the "airline carriers are formidable carriers of the common cold."

Furthermore, the article cited a study (which was initially reported in The Wall Street Journal) which had findings of a higher risk of getting the common cold by as high as 20 percent. Another research found in the Journal of Environmental Health Research discovered that there is an extremely high likelihood of colds being transmitted on a plane as compared to doing normal activities while on ground.

According to University Health News Daily, there are two probable reasons why we can easily get sick while flying on a plane. This is because of the spread of exhaled infected droplets in the air; also due to the low amount of air pressure and oxygen which can affect the immune system and its functions as well.

So, what exactly can we do to avoid it? Follow these steps to avoid airplane cold effectively.

  •  Keep yourself hydrated

By doing so, you not only get yourself out of risk of being dehydrated after the flight but you also get to avoid its after-effects such as fatigue, headaches and others. It also helps strengthen your immune system which is extremely helpful in warding off all sorts of sickness, airplane colds included.

Drinking vitamins along with your water will most definitely make your immune system even stronger.

  •  Remember to practice good hygiene

This goes not only for the physical (meaning keeping your hands clean and thoroughly washing them after so much contact with most airplane surfaces) but also for dental hygiene as well. By using a mouthwash, not only does it help serve as a fortification against germs but it can also serve as back-up hydration for your throat.

  •  Wear a facial mask

Since most of these illnesses are transmitted through the air, wearing a face mask could be done when flying. Though wearing a face mask isn't the most comfortable, this is still an effective means of preventing or even avoiding you from catching any of it from the air.

Following these easy but incredibly efficient steps will not only help you avoid those pesky airplane colds once and for all but also help in keeping your health in tiptop shape.