Apple users will no be able to find more stores and will find it easier to pay for applications and all using only their fingertips. Now, iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra have added the option to use Apple Pay within Safari, according to CNET.

Before, when Apple Pay first rolled out, retailers were required to adopt new credit card terminals in order to support the service. But with the Apple Pay within Safari, using the web makes it much easier for retailers to support. This means that new and more stores will be available to Apple users in the long run.

Recently, Apple have announced that Apple Pay would be available immediately at more than 70 retailers including sites like Target, Sephora, Nike, and Kickstarter.

Users will identify if a retailer supports Apple Pay if they see the option to pay through it during check out.

Apple have also added Apple Pay to Safari on MacBooks and iMacs in line with the release of the MacOS Sierra last month. It works the same way as using an iPhone except using the fingerprint to complete the purchase.

Users should not worry about the security of using Apple Pay in Safari since Apple uses the same security standards that they are using in Apple Pay in physical stores. Tokenization will ensure that the users' credit card data will never be exposed.

To set up Apple Pay, users just need to go to Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay and tap the Add Credit or Debit Card option and follow the process. The next step will be adding shipping information which will also be done in Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay> Transaction Details.

Apple Pay in Safari works with the iPhone 6 and later, iPad Mini 3 and later, iPad Pro, and iPad Air 2. Mac users will need a Mac (2012 or later) running macOS Sierra and one of the above devices.