Angelfish and Swordfish were the codenames for the newest device Google is brewing. The search engine giant is venturing on active wear smartwatch which is called Google Android Wear.

Leaks and rumors have been circling around the interweb about Google's own version of Apple Watch is coming out in the first quarter of 2017, wherein two variations will be available. The smartwatch is reportedly being equipped with a voice-command function for people to walk around on their wrists and will both run Android 2.0, according to The Verge.

Amidst the Google Pixel and Pixel XL launch, the buzz linking to Android Wear also came about. Adding that, Google made it themself and might be the first devices to run Android 2.0. Although, the final name of the devices hasn't come out yet, nor the photos leaked were accurate. Last July, photos of the supposedly smartwatches were shared online, appearing have a big and a much smaller model. Their rival, Apple, has the almost the same size as of the Google smartwatch.

These 'Made by Google' devices may be pushed back to 2017, but they are definitely something to watch out for. Realizing that the company is known for its innovative creations, Google Pixel and Android wear are expected to be packed with features that are unavailable on other hardware. Meanwhile, the updated operating system is rumored to function on its own without the need of a mobile device.

According to IBTimes, rumors about Swordfish, the entry-level version will be including LTE and GPS capability. On the other hand, the much larger version, which is the Angelfish, is equipped with LTE and GPS connectivity as well as Bluetooth connection.

The site added, Google decided to reinvent its hardware, which is evident on the search engine mogul's move to ditch its Nexus smartphones. A fresh Pixel smartphone line was released to the public last October 20 and people can't stop gushing about it.