It's long been rumored that Apple will invigorate its MacBook Pro line this year, until now Apple and MacOS enthusiast are waiting for this much awaited upgrade.

Nonetheless, new budding rumors suggest that the company is indeed launching new laptops, and the reveal is set to come this October.

Accordingly, a 'reliable Chinese supplier' has claimed that Apple still expects to announce its new MacBook Pro systems this month, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

As previously rumored, the new MacBook Pro will refine its array of ports, with no MagSafe for charging, no traditional USB ports, and no Thunderbolt 2 connection.

The new MacBook Pro purportedly will only feature support for connections made via USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3.

Since "thinner and lighter" is typically Apple's mantra, it is also expected to be made noticeably thinner.

It will receive a touch-enabled OLED strip above the keyboard that will serve as a context-sensitive set of function keys.

While these rumors suggest that an announcement is expected to come before the end of October, recently, it appears that Apple is finally confirming the same as they will be hosting an event aimed at answering those questions on October 27, as reported by Recode.

According to Digital Trends, the event will be held in Cupertino, California, on or near the Apple campus.

Apple has now confirmed the event and provided a link to add the event to your calendar. If you can't personally attend, you also have the option to see it via live-stream from Apple's site on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using Safari, or on Windows 10 using Microsoft's Edge browser.

Some of the likely updates to the MacBook include an OLED strip along the keyboard of the MacBook Pro line providing customizable keys for app-specific functionality, as Yahoo reports.

Moreover, a night mode similar to the one found in iOS that reduces blue light and, theoretically, eyestrain is another possibility. Finally, Touch ID or another form of biometric authentication and USB 3.1 are probably on tap.

Many avid Apple users believes that the Cupertino-based company will be best served by bringing their MacBook Pro and other MacOS lines up to date.

Nevertheless, it is expected that major questions and speculations will finally be answered, including the fate of the MacBook Air, during the said event.