Pakistan allowed on October 17 one of its renowned journalist to fly with his family overseas after he was banned from traveling abroad.

According to the Express, Cyril Almeida intended to tour to the Middle Eastern country with his family on October 11 but was placed on the Exit Control List.

The Dawn, the newspaper where Almeida is working, earlier wrote that top generals were briefed in a closed-door meeting about the existence of Pakistan militant groups who fight in India and Afghanistan, whose presence resulted in the country isolation from the international community. This controversial front page article angered army officials.

The media and human rights groups criticized the Pakistani government of this ban. Days later, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan confirmed Almeira's name from the travel ban list as a 'goodwill gesture' by the Pakistani government, according to the Guardian.

Almeida's story made readers believe that there is a division between civilian and military leaders on how to resolve Pakistan's militancy.

Military fury was evident on October 14 at an army senior officers meeting.

"Participants expressed their serious concern over feeding of false and fabricated story of an important security meeting held at PM house and viewed it as breach of national security," a statement about the gathering said.

But officials insisted they were not fumed by the journalist's 'professionally well-executed story', rather by the government official who presumed to have leaked the meeting's details.

The interior ministry stated on October 14 that an inquiry on ongoing leak would "continue to its logical conclusion."

The investigation is going on amid renewed tensions between Pakistan's civilian and military rulers.

Recently, Pakistan and India are embroiled in a rising tension which many worry of escalating to an imminent war.

Earlier this month, there were reports that more than 100 Pakistani terrorists have crossed a disputed military control line.