Want to know what to expect on travel destinations? Good news! Locals are giving travel advice and tips online using Reddit.

All the travelers have to do is to post their questions on Reddit and Redditors in the area are very much willing to give information on their place.

According to an article in Express, regular travelers and locals near Grand Canyon, one of America's most popular spot, had given prospective tourists many life-saving tips on Reddit, including what they should bring with them during their trek and what they should avoid doing.

One user cautioned people to avoid taking selfies especially near the edge of the cliffs. Many tourists have fallen and died because of capturing these 'daring pics'.

Another advised bringing enough water for the 7 plus mile trail, for many have already died of exhaustion.

Meanwhile, residents in London and New York also advice slow-moving tourists to be considerate to busy commuters, and stop treating their hometowns as theme parks.

A Londoner urged sightseeing vacationers to walk faster as the capital's busy commuters find them as annoyances according to a Daily Mail article.

Many Redditors recommended against traveling on the subways during rush hour. Others advised visitors to walk between train stations.

A New York Redittor dukeofbun shared the same feelings against visitors of their bustling city, saying they need to walk and move fast in the Big Apple.

"This (New York) isn't a theme park, it wasn't all laid on to feed your Instagram. Some of us live and work here. Wake up," he said.

Online users in other cities also admitted that major attractions in their cities are disappointing to travelers.

Residents near the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles warned tourists against touching the stars on the fear that other people urinate on them.

In Venice, a Redditor living near the city urged tourists to avoid jumping in public fountains.