After the horrifying incident that struck Kim Kardashian-West in Paris, she and her reality star family pulled back from revealing too much on social media. However, Kylie Jenner might have not been informed.

During an "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Khloé said, "She's not doing that well," when asked how Kim's doing. Adding, what happened was a "wake-up call" to the family and make "life adjustments," such as disclosing too much about their private life, Yahoo News reports. Khloé visited the show to promote her new jeans line meant for all body shapes.

As Kim is still coping with her traumatic experience, she has been M.I.A in the social media world, leaving her 84 million Instagram followers clueless. The site added that she recently cancelled another appearance in Las Vegas and is reportedly receiving "professional counselling".

Despite the life-threatening encounter Kim dealt with, the youngest Jenner might need a stronger "wake-up call" before she takes her social media updates down a notch. Kylie, 19, still continues to post private and personal pictures of herself, her house, and her loved ones. It's like her past "stalker issues" has no effect to her too, Yahoo News detailed.

The teenage Kardashian, owns four homes to this day, so finding her based on photos alone may be a little tricky. Nonetheless, her 76.5 million followers will eventually figure which house is which. Also, displaying undies pic and other sexually revealing images appears to seek much attention too.

Kylie is the October/November cover girl of Complex magazine and in an interview Khloé said, "Nothing can sway Kylie. She'll do what she wants to do, no matter what." On the other hand, Kylie defended herself and said, "I don't sit around and stare at my cars and Snapchat them," she told the mag. "That's what people think I do, but there's a big part of my life that I don't like to show. I'm 'Kylie Jenner' to the world, but I'm just 'Kylie' to my friends and family. I already give so much of my life," as published on Yahoo News.

Kardashian-Jenner clan has been in hot water for a while now, being Kendall Jenner recently took the stand against her stalker who went inside her Hollywood, Hills home. Fame really does come with a price.