Shia Labeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth got married in a rather odd ceremony at Las Vegas. The longtime couple has an Elvis-themed wedding at the Viva Las Vegas chapel. Overall, it was a pretty strange event - but the newly wed couple seemed to be happy just to be together.

In a comprehensive report by AV Club, the couple had an Elvis impersonator perform and drive their "carriage." The couple also said to have picked an Elvis and Hawaiian theme, and some parts were streamed live online. Mia was seen visibly happy after the wedding and Shia reportedly cried. They drove off in a pink Cadillac, and they announced that they had no honeymoon plans yet.

According to TMZ, they've been dating since 2012 after they met at the set of "Nymphomaniac: Volume II." Mia has been seen donning an engagement ring earlier this year, and they finally got to the aisle - much to the surprise of the public.

The couple made headlines last year after a very public fight last year in Germany, however, they seemed to have clearly patched things up and became a stronger team.

News outlets are speculating if this was merely a gimmick, because it's very much in line with how Shia is now as an artist. It might just be one of the actor's pranks or performance art pieces. A rep for the actor hasn't reached out to any for a comment.

TIME Magazine published a timeline of Labeouf's "weird behavior" over the years. Back in 2015, he let the public monitor his heartbeat through the campaign, #FollowMyHeart. This year, he was featured in a meme. His video of him shouting inspirational and motivational phrases quickly became viral and was the subject of many many parodies.

Whatever the case is, Shia Labeouf and Mia Goth deserve all the happiness in the world as a newlywed couple.

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