Because of some noisy neighbors or the unbearable bedding, sometimes it's hard to have a good night's sleep in a hotel room. Fortunately, Stuff has created a list showing tips to help people have a decent shut eye.

1. Book a room midway down a hallway
This is probably the quietest part of the floor, far from the ice and wending machines, laundry facilities, exits, closets and any other places where sudden noises might occur.

2. Try to avoid rooms facing a pool
Even though this provides a view which people can admire, pools can also be the sight of noise with the late-night gathering and any sounds generally echo loudly off the water.

3. Inquire at the front desk about pillow options
Have a chat with the front desk upon checking in, especially when you are sensitive to pillows, giving you back or neck pain. Most hotels stock pillows of different firmness, and can offer a better fit.

4. Pack earplugs and eyeshades
Even the tiniest noise or ray of light can be a huge distraction when trying to be asleep. The trick is nip this in the bud by packing earplugs and eyeshades.

5. Turn your mobile phone off
Mobile notifications can also be a huge distraction (particularly if it's from friends and family in different time zones). Turn your phone off, and enjoy the bliss.

6. Make use of your 'do not disturb' sign
If you're planning to sleep peacefully, make sure to put the 'do not disturb' sign on the outside doorknob, or else you might get a rude awakening from a housekeeper.

7. Report any noises immediately
If the people in the next room are noisy, let the front desk know and they will be the one to take the necessary actions.

8. Adjust the room temperature
Majority sleep better in a cooler room, that is why it is important to adjust the temperature to whatever is the best fit for you to get sleep. Even just opening the window, can make a big difference in terms of your overall comfort levels.

9. Ask the front desk about blackout shades
When staying in a city full of lights, noises and distractions, blackout shades can give you a level of peace and comfort that will help you sleep.

10. Consider bringing your own sheets
If you have skin sensitives, it's really a good idea to bring your own sheets (if you've got enough space). The familiar scent and feel will certainly help you sleep.

If ever these are still not effective, watch the video below to learn more ways to have a better sleep at a hotel room: