Hurricane Matthew has proven to be one of the deadliest natural disasters that have happened this year. It recently raged through the southeast coast of the United States, and much to the surprise of historians, cannonballs that were dated back in the time of the Civil War were found unearthed in South Carolina. Here's an update.

Residents in the area found the rusted cannonballs on the shore of Folly Island, and they have alerted the Charleston County officers immediately. According to Travel and Leisure, the local bomb crew quickly evaluated and detonated some parts of the discovery. The rest were brought to the Navy Base for destruction.

Hurricane Matthew has affected thousands not only in the US, but in several parts in South America as well. It has resulted to strong and deadly flooding, which no immediate action could alleviate.

The hurricane has caused a thousand fatalities in Haiti, which was on its way to recovery. reports that 26 people have already died in the affected areas in the southeast coastline: ten in North Carolina, nine in Florida, three in South Carolina, three in Georgia, and one in Virginia.

The affected cities are still dealing with rising waters and damaged structures, but citizens remain headstrong and resilient. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said, "I cannot stress how serious an issue this hurricane could cause to North Carolina, not only in damaging structures but also risking human life."

He reminds the citizens to stay strong and to not let their guard down.

Hurricane Matthew has now been reduced to a Category 1 hurricane, but even with this implemented, there is still much to do. Clean up and restoration efforts have now been rolled out in those affected cities.

It will take a while for the affected cities to function normally again, as many schools will remain closed until further notice.

Here's how the hurricane was in Florida: