Google is officially launching in their San Francisco event the newest additions to the Google family, which is a personal-assistant for the house, phones and VR headphones.

A week after Amazon's release of Echo in United Kingdom, the tech mogul unveiled to the public the hottest smart home device that people can utilize. According to Daily Mail, the device is called 'Home' is internet-connected speaker. Although there are no confirmations and announcements, analysts and acclaimed tech bloggers have predicted that a virtual reality headset and a router will also be unveiled.

On Google's event, this October 4, more details such as price and release date are expected to be revealed by the search-engine giant. The upcoming devices will highlight even more the advancement that the company has been developing.

'Home' is a voice-activated home personal-assistant which can search the internet, play music and other viable functions, as reported by ABC News. It is equipped with Google's digital "Assistant" that is a direct competitor to Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana. The voice-activated assistance offered by the tech giants are creating unnecessary convenience for their consumers' online activities.

Google's rival, Echo, may have been silently presented to the consumers but it sold 3.5 million units after a week of selling. Just like other voice-command system, users will need to speak to the 'Home' device and talk to them normally in English and they will be assisting the consumers in any way possible as long as instructed.

Forrester's Julie Ask said, "You can't assume somebody is going to go sit down at a computer or pick up a phone and type in a question anymore," the site added.

In addition, The Guardian published that Amazon and Google are hoping for these devices to make people comfortable speaking to a voice-operated system when it's not in their phones. As detailed by Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, Americans are more comfortable speaking to their phones, as compared to their British counterparts.