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Travel Tip: Want College Visits to be More Fun? Make It A Family Vacation

Travelers Today       By    Patricia RM

Updated: Oct 04, 2016 08:06 AM EDT

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College visits or tours are one of the most interesting experiences, as a high school student will determine where they'll be studying in the next four years or so. However, there's no harm in having a little bit of fun with the family while you're at it by making it a full-blown family vacation.

Every college has a rich history that they would love for the public to explore. College visits have the opportunity to become a cultural experience, and it is advisable that you do research on what sights to see in a particular college. A lot of colleges have in-house museums, and if you visit during the athletic season, you might be able to catch a game. You could practice a little bit of school spirit early on.

Just like any other family vacation, you should stay within a particular budget. While it's normal to go off course - which means taking the tour outside of the campus premises, an enjoyable trip is better if you won't have any debt after. The Seattle Times suggests that you should go ask the students in the area about affordable yet delicious food establishments or other inexpensive sights.

While you're on tour-slash-vacation, Teen Life says that you shouldn't rush it. Savor it in. While the tours are there to try to cover all bases for the prospective student, the experiences outside the tour will give them a better idea of how it is to be a full-fledged student in that particular institution. It is best that you all just take your time and make the most out of the weekend rather than making a decision right away.

Just have fun with the whole crew, and enjoy the new surroundings for the weekend. Again, what you want to do is to make it about the people you're with and not just about the college that you're about to visit. A trip such a college tour is a nice way to bond with the family.

Get more tips on college visits from Youtube Vlogger Brooke Miccio:

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