The Walden Pond Visitor Center just opened the city of Concord, MA. Visitors enjoyed the attractions dedicated to homegrown philosopher and Environmental advocate Henry David Thoreau. The opening ceremony was held last Sept. 28, and Metro West Daily News reports that musician Don Henley helped with the festivities.

This is part of Walden Pond State Reservation, and is also part of a huge $7.2 million upgrade. The 5,680-square foot structure is currently solar powered, and it features large windows that provide a lot of sunlight, big structures for insulation, and all the surrounding greenery were grown locally.

Henley - who actually has been working on the said project for years, also said that the visitor center is a fruition of a lot of people's commitment throughout the years.

According to, Thoreau was chosen as the main highlight of the exhibit because it was said that he spent two years alone in a small cabin in Walden Pond. He went on a spiritual journey to appreciate and chronicle nature. His stories during his two years in isolation were published in his book, "Walden; or Life in the Woods."

The book came out back in 1854.

Other than the interactive exhibits, visitors can enjoy the souvenir shop run by the Thoreau Society and they might even get a chance to go to a film screening by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. The moviemaker is also set to premiere a documentary based on Walden Pond.

Walden Park attracts thousands and thousands of visitors every year, which is why this new establishment is a welcome addition. It also aims to engage with the youth more about environment, and the brainchildren behind the visitor center hope to spark and start a movement among them.

Henley said that the American poet would have "approved" of the establishment and his legacy will truly live on in the years to come.

Check out Don Henley's encouraging speech during the opening ceremonies last week: