Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be a nightmare for the company, but this hasn't stopped them as one of the largest smartphone manufacturer to keep defeating what they are releasing. The new rumors surfaced recently about a new phablet that is about to come out early 2017.

Although the Galaxy S7 and S7 were well received by the public, the company's reputation has already been tainted. However, cutting edge technology is what Samsung always aim for. Putting the horrible past behind, they're exerting all research efforts to compensate for the disasters caused by Galaxy Note 7 into Galaxy S8.

IBTimes UK reports, a detailed information about the significant changes and features that the public can expect.

Design and Build

The S8 is projected to have a similar aesthetic with a metal exterior and waterproof system that protects it from being damaged by water when submerged within a 1m depth. Also, Samsung will likely to follow Apple's track and eliminate its headphone jack by introducing a competition.

LCD, Resolution and Display

According to the site, some sources claimed that 4K display will be incorporated to this handheld device. Speculations circled around when the company showcased a 4K prototype with about the same size as a phone during a Tech conference, the side added.

This is not solely for viewing pleasure through the mobile's screen, but the company is projected to apply the VR technology through this as well. The public can also expect for Galaxy S8 to be curved on both sides.


Exynox 8895 chip is expected to be packed inside Galaxy S8 which features ARM's new Mali-G71 graphics unit (GPU) which 1.8 times more powerful than Galaxy S7 to cater the high demands of mobile graphics. At the same time, the processor also boasts energy efficiency just to name one.

Release Date and Price

Depending on the upgrade, the S8 will be released with a retail price between $700 to $800, the site published. The projected release date might be during Mobile World Congress based on the two previous unveiling that occurred.