Don't fret even if fall is here. There are still travel destinations to discover and visit during this type of season.

Awesome locations for activities are still enjoyable even when getting chilly in areas like Nantucket and Cape Cod. People can harvest cranberries, do lobster boat tours and attend oyster festivals, according to Vogue. Provence in France is lovely and serene during fall and visitors can stroll around the vineyards on bike. While in Italy, lesser crowds can be seen as well as cheaper price tags on all commodities.

Whether it is for a month or a long weekend, the five destinations collected by Vogue will offer the same solitude and relaxation as they do during summer.

1. Provence, France

Vogue said that fall is one of the best times to visit Provence because the most hated tourist traffic is gone and it's the season for grape and olive harvesting. People can opt to stay at the five star in Les Baux de Provence, Domaine de Manville, which caters to wine enthusiasts by offering bike tours at the nine surrounding vineyards.

2. Nantucket, Massachusettes

It is considered as one of the most beloved summer destination in America, and so, it is easier to book hotels during the fall season. Also, activities such as sailing, biking, and golfing are also open for the visitors to try out.

3. Málaga, Spain

Situated in Andalusia, Spain, it is well-known for its stunning beaches to tourists but traveling to this part of the world is also ideal during fall with other activities available for viewing.

4. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is always on top of the mind when it comes to beach destination, but little did the people know that five stars hotels in this area slashes off their rates to attract visitors. In addition, boat rides to and from nearby locations are also cheaper.

5. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Contrary to what people think, lobsters and oysters can also be harvested during crispier weather. If you are not in the mood for water adventure, you can still experience the cranberry harvesting season which takes place in October.