World-renowned luggage company Rimowa recently unveiled the Rimowa F13 - a beautiful recreation of the all-metal Junkers F13, which was the first passenger aircraft used back in 1919. Robb Report says that the marvelous aluminum grooved model remain true to its tech from 65 years ago, and passengers can get an authentic experience like how people did back then.

The plane had its successful maiden flight from Düberndorf, Switzerland last September. Four lucky passengers were able to enjoy the flight with heated leather seats, while the pilot and engineer were housed in an open cockpit.

Now why did the luggage brand decide to do this? The famous Topas bag from their line of luxury luggage is actually made from the same metal material as the vintage plane's exterior. The material, duralumin, is lightweight, which easily makes the luggage a popular choice among travelers since 1937. The Rimowa F13 was built as a tribute for those who made air flight possible.

Rimowa was also the first luggage brand to create an all-metal lightweight luggage, and coincidentally, the Junkers F13 is also the first of its kind as well.

The parts from the original aircraft weren't usable at all due to old age, but thanks to 3D printing technology, engineers were able to map out the CAD plans from a surviving Junkers F13. The CEO of the German luggage company Dieter Morszeck proudly exclaimed that they created a better version of the original aircraft and that he'd love to fly it himself.

The replica can fly up to 105mph up in the air with the range of around 370 miles - which is almost the same for the 1919 version. It could also only fly during the daytime and below 10,000 feet.

According to The Coolist, the company already started taking pre-orders for their fully manufactured planes, and affluent collectors and enthusiasts can get their hands on their own replica very soon as deliveries have started rolling out as soon as .

Check out the Rimowa F13 during its first official flight!