Nowadays, there's a lot of cheap flights available online. Sales and discounts are everywhere and people are left with numerous options. It's easy to find cheap flights depending on where it is, but island destinations will always be a little pricey.

In 2015, a budget airline decided to introduce a very economical flight to the French Caribbean, according to Huffington Post. This competitive price-point will surely excite everyone who's been wanting to see the beauty of the Caribbean, but has been hesitating to book a flight.

Non-stop flights to Martinique and Guadeloupe from JFK in New York City, BOS in Boston, and BWI in Baltimore-Washington will be offered by Norwegian Air Shuttle so everyone could fly in-and-out of the French Caribbean islands. On top of that, these flights won't cost as much even with the EURO-USD conversion.

The site added, Norwegian Air Shuttle's direct flights cost a fraction compare to the other accessible flights going to the Caribbean. A One-way fare costs as low as $59 when the departure dates falls from November to April. In addition, vacationing on November through April will come in cheaper in flights and accommodations. It was reported that staying in the said locations during November and December will cost from $841 to $977 for a two bedroom. While in Puerto Rico, which a nearby country, the damage will be $1,1516 to $1,748 for a week stay in two-bedroom accommodation, Huffington Post published.

Of course, there will be blackout dates and days with more expensive pricing. Ultimately, traveling during weekdays as compared to weekends will basically cost a lot cheaper. These flights actually originated from Europe and the U.S. stopovers are the reason behind the cheap flight cost.

The French Caribbean are known for its food, music and white sand beaches. These islands are surrounded with beautiful aqua colored water with a living rainforest.

JFK is the farthest airport from the French Caribbean among the three airports that Norwegian Air Shuttle serves for this flight.