The search for the 16 year old Cassie Olzack who went missing in the Royal National Park has been closed after the teen was found safe on September 30, Friday after a 5-day search operation.

In line with this, the New South Wales Police have also found the two 21 year-old women who went missing for a day in the National Royal Park on September 28, according to reports.

Last seen near the national park south of Sydney, the two women identified as Kate Bateup and Nikki Groves triggered a search after losing their way.

The search for Bateup and Groves was in an addition to a nearby operation searching for 16-year-old Cassie Olczak who went missing on the same place on September 25. Olczak allegedly left a train at Waterfall station, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to The Huffington Post, the Bateup and Groves made contact with National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) saying that they have lost their way after walking along an unknown track east of Waterfall Railway Station. The phone call was made at around 2PM on Wednesday. The rangers have lost communication with the two women soon after the phone call.

The search for the missing women resumed the day after at around 8AM, with the help of the Rural Fire Service, Lifesaver helicopter, police, State Emergency Service and park rangers. The two women were immediately assessed but NSW Ambulance Service said that both of them did not require hospital assistance.

According to reports, the Olczak arrived at Sydney on Saturday following a visit to her dad in Abu Dhabi. Her friends have also added that the teen was 'agitated' and could be the reason for her disappearance.

The NSW police have mentioned that both cases, which they reiterated are not connected to each other, are already closed at the three women are already safe.