Google's next smartphone is widely expected to be unveiled at an October 4 event in San Francisco.

Google will be be holding a hardware event that day where the company will finally reveal its new Pixel Android smartphones.

Leaked renders have surfaced online, showing off a bit of how its software would look like.  

Google will actually be announcing two smartphones, the 5-inch Pixel and the larger 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

The leaked renders were first published online by VentureBeat's Evan Blass. The images only show the front of the devices, but they do give a look at the new Home screen, including the new Pixel Launcher.

According to reports made by Venturebeats, Google Pixel, the smaller of the two devices, was first detailed under its Sailfish codename by Android Police in June.

That report how that the phone would have a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core 2.0GHz 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 2770 mAh battery, a 12MP rear camera, and an 8MP front camera.

The report also imparted that users could expect a top-mounted headphone jack, a fingerprint scanner on the rear (à la Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P), and a USB-C port on the bottom.

The Pixel will be the smaller of a pair of phones, with the larger dubbed the Pixel XL.   The larger Pixel XL will reportedly pack a 5.5-inch screen, quad-HD display, and a 3,450mAh battery while matching the other specs.

Google will be ditching behind the Nexus line and marketing the phones as designed and built entirely by the company, according to this report and numerous other leaks.

During the Oct. 4 event, there were rumors that Google will also show off another hardware.There's also murmurs of the launch of Andromeda operating system that may first run on a Huawei-built tablet.

The only real difference between the new Google smartphones will be their screen sizes and resolutions. The Pixel will have a 5-inch full HD 1080p display, while the Pixel XL will have a 5.5-inch quad-HD 1440p display.

Given the new look and interface of this latest smartphone offering, the premium look will likewise come out with premium price as well.

Android Police reports the smaller phone will start at $649, far more expensive than the entry-level Nexus 5X that can be had for $349.