Say Hello to Google Allo, a smart messaging app that helps users say more and do more. It will help convey your message better with stickers, doodles, huge emojis & text. Unlike other chat apps, Allo brings the Google Assistant, preview edition.

Google Allo includes a personal virtual assistant who would not shy out butting in into the conversation. While chatting, the Assistant can chime in with relevant suggestions or tasks.

For example, when someone's talking with a friend about lunch or dinner ideas, the Assistant can offer to find a food suggestion, nearby restaurant or add an event to the users' calendar. It can also send daily updates on sports, weather forecasts, or even suggest replies to friends' messages.

The key idea of the app is to keep the conversation flowing, so you don't have to navigate with other search engine and leave Allo to look up information. Some of the features of the app are Smart Reply, Ink, Stickers, Shout or Whisper and Incognito mode.

Allo app promises that it will be "smart". Its Smart Reply feature let users reply to messages without even typing a single word. Smart Reply learns over time and suggests responses to text and photos, then eventually adapts to the users' preference and style.

Another smart innovation for this chat app is its Shout or Whisper feature wherein you can convey your messages louder or quieter by changing the size of your text with a quick swipe.

Allo uses the users' mobile phone number to connect with others, instead of Google account. As a seemingly messaging app new entrant, it's pretty robust as it can send messages, photos, video, provide location, stickers, or emoji

As reported in the site of ABC News, the app's intelligence still feels limited. Even though Google Assistant is an evolution of the Google Now feature that has long been on phones, it doesn't do as much as Google Now with respect to checking and identifying patterns and other Google services.

It was advised that the Google Assistant and Smart Reply are currently only available in English.

One of the biggest challenges Google needs to face is if the smart phone users will be willing to switch. Beyond making its Assistant smarter, Google will need to persuade people they need yet another chat app, something that could be tough given that Google has already previously offered other apps with Google Hangouts and Duo.