Travel flights to United States of America are estimated to be as low as £50 due to emerging markets. According to Advito's 2017 industry forecast report, cheaper airfare is the ticket to expanding business travel in the year ahead. Analysis predicts hotel fares to rise slightly, but airline prices to stay flat for 2017, as reported by

Traveling, which used to be a luxury, is now considered to be a necessity and with all these cheap flights around the corner. Corporate travel will soon be reconsidered and its prices, now being rediscovered.

PYMNTS reports, "At 4.2 percent, growth will surpass the 3.5 percent forecast for 2016," Advito analysts concluded. "This improvement is largely driven by Latin America, primarily due to Brazil, which is expected to emerge from a prolonged recession, but also because of stronger growth from Argentina and Colombia." In addition, the website reported that Europe's business travel budgets will remain economical due to Brexit and other factors such as budget airline growth and lower hotel supply.

Asia will remain the main source of activities within the emerging markets; Indian economy continues to expand while China's GDP growth rates move slowly.

Airfares are expected to stay flat in 2017 while the hotels worldwide will see an increase in its businesses.

Meanwhile, Norwegian airline is a low-cost carrier which will introduce £52 translantic fares once its new aircraft carriers arrives. New flight routes were launched in different cities across the North America, as reported by Telegraph.

100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircrafts are set to be delivered to the airline according to its chief commercial officer. These airplanes boast fuel-efficiency and state-of-the art aerodynamic function that will make the flight cost across the Atlantic cheaper. Thomas Ramdahl, Norwegian's chief commercial officer said, "I can promise you that you will see transatlantic flights on the 737 Max next year and that's when you will see the $69 fares."

The planes are projected to arrive early 2017, but further announcements will be made accordingly.