It is everyone’s dream to expand their business across the globe and that’s what Philz Coffee is about to conquer.

After taking over Washington D.C earlier this year, San Francisco-based coffee chain Philz Coffee is brewing a new expansion plan, and is heading East Coast to Boston.

Boston’s young age-group and demographic are the main factors in the decision-making for Philz Coffee. It is hometown to Ivy League Universities such as Harvard and Tufts. Hence, Boston presented itself as a great business venture for the company. Even though it is Dunkin Donuts’ turf, there’s an opportunity for the two companies to coexist, said Jacob Jaber on Forbes.

“We know and we respect local brands but what we’re trying to do is something different,” Jacob added. “It’s a different environment and a different culture. We don’t spend time focusing on them.”

According to Forbes, Jacob Jaber Philz’ chief executive officer, everything will be up and running by sometime in 2017 at their new Boston branches. He also said that $45 million was raised from capital funding and will be allocated for the growth and development of the chain so everyone can sip their java drinks across the United States.

“To grow and reach new milestones, you have to have capital and have great people behind you,” he added. “We have productive paranoia. We’re always thinking ahead.”

Fourteen year ago, Philz Coffee opened its first shop in Bay Area with Phil Jaber, father of Jacob, concept of pour-over coffee. The java house is now a key player in the coffee culture in California with 27 cafes in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. But they are not stopping there, they aim to own fifty more stores in various metropolitan markets in the United States.

The company built by father and son, wants to maintain product quality by straying from franchising and selling their products to other retail locations, as reported by Forbes.