Bordeaux, the wine capital in the world, has a new crown on its throne. It is now home to the first-ever wine theme park and museum in the world.

"La Cité du Vin" or "the city of wine", opened on June 1, offers state-of-the-art tours for wine connoisuers. The USD$91.4 million amusement park occupies 13,354 square meters of space and 10 levels of immersive winemaking narratives.

There are wine museums scattered all around the world. There are Hameau Dubœuf in France, Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum in Greece and California Wine Museum in America. Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilizations chairperson Sylvie Cazes told Forbes, that La Cité du Vin is different from all the rest because of its size plus its broad coverage of the wine subject.

There are 20 areas with different themes. Activities include hands-on winemaking experience with tour guide, cinematic screenings at the 250-seat auditorium, historical reenactment with historical figures, wine-tasting sessions with drink experts, and shopping. It caters to guests from around the world with hand-held guides presented in eight languages.

Guests would be treated to a view from the top of the best wineries in the world. It took the place two years to complete the footage in their auditorium. The theme park aims to show the wonderful world of wine production, comparing and contrasting it through cultures, eras and civilizations.

There are no roller coasters but the water shuttles would be more than enough. The 50-seat shuttle ride takes visitors down the wine memory lane with a 10-minute expedition. It digs up the winemaking process from the past-starting from 6000 BC-to present, showing the wine movement around the world. It boasts of a ride that would tickle the five senses.

A wine tour would not be enough without ending it with a good-old wine drinking. There are two restaurants with food for the hungry guests to pair their wine with.

Entrance at the theme park costs USD$22.