A cup of coffee would greatly make a difference in one's morning. Many people will say that a day should not start without a fix of caffeine. Here are 5 countries that would offer the best tasting coffee for the weary traveler.


Coffee lovers are familiar with Colombian coffee. It raises high quality coffee beans, thanks to its rugged soil. Colombia coffee has a mild, well-balanced acidity. To drink it the local way, brew the beans in sugarcane juice for that sweet and sticky experience that would make those with sweet tooth jump for joy.

Costa Rica

The reputation of this country is attributed to its huge effort in cultivating its beans. Wet-processed arabicas present a medium-bodied, well-balanced and sharply acidic caffeine fix. Costa Rican coffee flavors from fruity and sweety, to berry-like, to nutty.


Just take an Ethiopian cup black and thick. Serving this drink requires a ceremony in this place: from roasting, grinding, brewing, and offering. The so-called "coffee ceremony" is worth the try when you visit the country. The drink is so good that one would drink 3 cups in one ceremony. Then, one fully awake day is coming up.


Kona's coffee has a good reputation. The price of a cup is quite pricey but worth it. The aromatic, medium-bodied, rich flavor is attributed to the rich volcanic soil of Hualalai and Mauna Loa. The place is also blessed with frequent rainfall and intense tropical sun.


The drip coffee experience is a must-try for all travelers in Vietnam. The coffee industry here is fast growing and is now one of the world's biggest caffeine producers. Robust coffee here gives a light acidity, mild body and good balance. Vietnam coffee is recommended for blended drinks.


Other countries that coffee lovers should visit are Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Java, Sumatra and India.