San Francisco is known to be a world-class bustling city where tourists can go for a romantic weekend getaway or even a week-long family vacation. While Stockton is a place where travelers made their stop for a meal on a drive to the mountains.

But, the recent annual ranking of best summer destinations for 2016 that was unleashed by the consumer finance site WalletHub, Stockton ranked No. 23, while San Francisco got the No. 46 spot.

As a further matter, Stockton, a city in California, is famous for crime, drugs and gangs. Stockton has been on the lists of the most dangerous, most distressed and most miserable cities in the United States, SF Gate reported.

The City by the Bay may have difficulties as well, but San Francisco has made up for all its shortcomings. As it offers the tourists the illustrious Golden Gate Bridge spanning the bay, the cable cars running over roller-coaster hills and the very bright and strong colored hydrangeas blooming along Lombard Street.

However, Stockton residents talked with pride that their waterfront, food scene and steady stream of events would tender the tourists in the city, as reported by CBS Sacramento.

"There is, actually, like, a surprising amount to do in Stockton," stated by Stockton resident Christian Alexander. And Shaquoya Jones, who is also a Stockton resident, said, "It's actually way better here and a lot cheaper than San Francisco."

The main factor that Stockton earned its high ranking was the city's affordability. As WalletHub based the rankings of the cities on expense, weather, number of attractions and accessibility, according to Business Journal.

Stockton also drew tourists' attention through the city's minor league ballpark, the historic Bob Hope Theatre and the Haggin Museum.

In addition, aside from Stockton and San Francisco - Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim were among the top summer destinations in California.