Slow travel at times, is the way to being able to go through slowly, but surely successful parenting. This means at times, parents need to make sacrifices to be able to succeed in being hands on parents, as they enable their kids to enjoy the best of their childhood.

Take for example one parent whose husband and she quit their jobs to take their son for a trip around the world, as reported by Huffington Post. The following , though, are the ways this mom and her husband made their way into making their son and themselves enjoy more international travelling more than ever:

1. Relates more to each other through the perceptions of a child.

The mom and her husband relate to each other more to their son by seeing the world through the eyes of a child. The parents refuse to let the fact they are adults to get in the way of not being able to relate to their son.

2. Makes time to talk.

Making time to talk means the parents get to know the child better through the perceptions of the child himself. The parents need to speak to the child through how the child sees the world in his eyes, not the parents' eyes. This act speaks itself of the parents' willingness to be sacrificial for their child.

Parents need to take as much time to talk to their kid as much as possible, They should not take the presence of their kid for granted in every way possible.

3. Makes breastfeeding an enjoyable chore while travelling.

Travelling alone, though, is really not a good experience for mothers who are breastfeeding. Carrying breastfeeding materials with them can be a hassle for mothers, as suggested in These moms need to be able to strong enough to balance their chores in organized ways as much as possible.