Using different apps on our smartphones or devices help to make things a lot easier for us. For sure, we are also looking forward to use some travel apps that will make our trip easy, convenient and more money saving. With that, Time Money listed five money-saving travel apps that would be very helpful for backpackers and travelers.

1. Skyscanner. This app use data from major airline like Southwest to help you select itineraries based on optimal departure times, shortest layover, and best price. Skyscanner helps to find cheaper flights easily and you don't have to spend much time doing that.

2. OpenTable. The app works at more than 33,000 restaurants around the globe. Users just need to make a lunch or dinner reservation in a certain restaurant that uses the app to earn points. The points are then converted into gift cards to help you earn about 1,000 points that is worth $10. Most restaurants will give you 100 points that is equivalent to $1.

3. Hopper. If you are searching for a route and you want to check the lowest airfares daily, then Hopper is the tool for you. You can save hundreds of dollars when you book a flight that has a flexible departure date. Also, you will be notified once there are price drops.

4. GasBuddy. You can find crowd sourced data on fuel prices nationwide through this app. An average differential of 41¢ per gallon across five metropolitan areas are reflected here.

5. You can find good deals in more than 800,000 hotels using this app. Most deals are especially good with up to 50% off the list price on same-day reservations.

It is indeed nice to know that you can do a lot with your smartphones. Aside from making things a lot easier and less time consuming, you can also save a lot of your time too.