Fans of South Korean entertainment are multiplying in numbers. Even Americans fans are growing. Jeju Island in South Korea offers a front seat view of the locations that are used in the popular Korean shows from past to present. Here are some of these places:

Hyatt Regency, Jungmun Resort

Korean drama filmed here: Boys Over Flowers

Several interiors and exteriors of the hotel are used in the famous Korean drama, including a small chapel that is featured in the wedding scene. Visitors are only allowed to visit the public areas.

Oedolgae Rock

Korean drama filmed here: Jewel in the Palace

The huge rock formation will put nature lovers in awe with its 20 meters height and 10 meters circumference. The surrounding site is good for trekking or even just picture taking. This is the location where the character Hansangoong from "Jewel in the Palace" faced her death.

Teddy Bear Museum

Korean drama filmed here: Princess Diaries

The museum is a comfort zone for fans that have a deep love for teddy bears. It showcases over 1000 bears of different shapes and sizes from around the world. The cuteness of the bears will make you go mushy. Fans of the show "Jewel in the Palace" will remember the place since it is where the intro and outro of the drama is shot.

Seaes Hotel, Jungmun Resort

Korean dramas filmed here: Princess Diaries, Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers

The marriage of nature with the modern building designs is a sight to behold. Guests can only access the outside area and restaurants.

Interested visitors can do the site visits on their own. The Korean Tourism site has an interactive "theme tours" section that helps parties to map out their own itinerary. The option is not just available for a tour in Jeju Island but in other South Korea regions as well.