The state department has just announced that Americans are at serious risk of travelling to north Korea. In the May 16 warning, the state department announced the concern.

"(The state department) strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to North Korea due to serious risk of arrest and long-term detention," they said.

Word has it that 14 citizens have already been captured in detention in this communist country in the past 10 years. The statement released by the state department stated that the law enforcement of North Korea is where unfair harsh sentences come by. These sentences include punishment for actions that in the United States would not be even considered crimes, as reported in The Epoch Times.

One of the crimes North Korea considers as a crime is when one tampers with political slogans and signs placed by political leaders, or hence, the pictures of political leaders shown in public.

The latest travel warning issued for the Americans in relation to travel to North Korea comes just right after the November 20, 2015 travel warning. Two American citizens were convicted and imprisoned earlier this year, as reported in the same publication.

In March earlier this year, the highest court in North Korea handed down a conviction against Otto Warmbier for subversion. Warmbier was convicted of such crime right after he revealed that he previously stole a propaganda banner. Warmbier is a University of Virginia undergraduate.

Recent North Korea military tests and strict United Nations sanctions have even more severed the tensions between North Korea and democratic nations all over the world. A lawyer in Washington, Joshua Stanton, stated that he wished for the U.S. Congress to approve a bill this year in relation to managing the entry of U.S. citizens to North Korea with a good management system. Stanton drafted the recent American sanctions aimed against North Korea, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.