Long TSA lines have been becoming a problem in airports all over the United States. It seems that the long lines have been causing mismanagement in many airports all over the country.

For instance, Zachary Annen and his husband got to Chicago 'O Hare International Airport Sunday night three hours before they took their flight. However, even though they arrived early, their plans for a smooth sailing pre-departure process did not take place, as reported in CNN Edition.

The couple had to wait for more than two and a half hours at the Transportation Security Administration screening queue. Although they experienced this hassle, the two did got to the gate on time for their flight to Seattle with additional minutes to relax and take a deep breath to relieve anxiety, as shared by Annen.

To loosen the long lines at TSA counters in American airports, the TSA hires 768 security employees for the summer. Word has it these employees would be deployed to U.S. airports around mid-June. Jeh Johnson, a Department of Homeland Security secretary, announced this news just the previous week.

Word has it that security employees working for TSA have been offered overtime just so they can extend extra efforts in managing the lines in U.S. airports.

The TSA has also requested the airlines to be of assistance in the reduction of the size and the quantity of carry-on baggage of passengers. A passenger's video, though, has shown how frustrating it was to take a Thursday flight due to long lines at a Chicago airport, as reported in USA Today. This video has been in trending, in which it got 2.1 million views from the moment it was uploaded online.

The man who uploaded this video was Sean Hoffman. Hoffman told  "The Chicago Tribune" in an interview that:

"I got to the end, (and) I was like, holy (expletive), people would probably like to see this."