NBC is allegedly on its way to getting brand new shows for its fall line-up. Today, the network officially got a new season for a time travel drama entitled, "Timeless." A lot of viewers found "Timeless" and its theme controversial ever since its premiere was announced the previous year. The previous year "Timeless" simply just premiered as "Time."

Right after a time machine was taken without a permission by an expert criminal, a scientist, a soldier, and history professor, these 4 people unite so they can make use of a prototype machine to try to stop the time machine in its quest. This journey paves the way for the critical events to unravel themselves in American history, as reported in Gizmodo.

The trailer for Timeless seems like it is going to be a show that would be fun for viewers. Fun team mechanics and gigs, weekly exciting scenes, and long time season mysteries are what should be expected in the new "Timeless" shows.

Malcolm Barrett from "Better Off Ted" plays the role of the scientist in the show. Matt Lanter from "90210" plays the role of the soldier, Abigail Spencer from "Rectify" plays a history professor in "Timeless."

"Timeless" airs 10 pm, every Mondays at 10 pm, as reported TV.com. "Timeless" is the up and coming drama show pride of the creator of "Revolution" creator, Eric Kripke. Abigail Spencer plays the leading character in the series. Spencer plays a woman who travels back to the past to stop an individual from destroying the space-time continuum.

"Timeless" would be directed by Eric Kripke from "Supernatural" and "Revolution," Shawn Ryan from "Last Resort" and "The Shield." Neil Marshall from "Games of Thrones" and "Constantine" directs the pilot of "Timeless", according to Gizmodo.

"Timeless" is just part of the batch of shows NBC has just lined up for the 2016-2017 schedule, according to Deadline.