An email obtained by The Verge stated that Microsoft is looking for interested iPhone users to test the if the Word Flow keyboard is compatible and functions well on iOS.

'Word Flow keyboard has long been one of the highly praised features on Windows Phone and was used to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting. We are now working on extending this keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS,' the email states. 'Before publicly releasing this keyboard to the App Store, we'd love to give Insiders like you a preview. With your feedback, we'll build a roadmap of improvements to the keyboard over time,' the email further states.

An article published by Android Authority states that the 'keyboard is only available as a beta for Windows Insiders at the moment.... We're not really expecting any changes with the iOS version of Word Flow - just the same wonderful experience Windows Phone users have grown to love.'

Although it is not clear whether when the Word Flow keyboard on iOS will be released to the public, Microsoft says it is ready to test it more broadly. This gives us the assumption that it will more likely be available in the next few months. The Word Flow keyboard by Microsoft features autocorrect, gestures, suggestions, and the ability to swipe letters to type out words.

An email sent to Windows Insider Kyle Reddoch says that the program asked if he owns 'an iPhone (5s or newer)? Do you think your native iOS keyboard could use improvement?' The email further states that Microsoft is 'working on extending the keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS.'

The Word Flow keyboard is another unique part of Microsoft's mobile OS, together with the Cortana. However, making it available to competitions might somehow disappoint other fans, even if Microsoft has already announced that they are focused on making the experience available on multiple platforms.