AirBnB has leveled up staycations. All of a sudden, a night in a castle doesn't seem so farfetched anymore, and you don't have to be a millionaire to stay in your own yacht. Owning a whole island for yourself even just for a weekend doesn't exist in just dreams anymore. Thanks to AirBnB, here are islands you should totally own - for a few days or so.

Bird Island, Belize

For $515 (including your transport to and from the island), this slice of paradise can be yours for a couple of days. The island has a main house and a separate cabana, for a grand total of three bedrooms, four beds, and one bathroom.

Laurel Island, East Hampton

This five-acre island has five private cottages (14 total rooms) that can accommodate 36 people! For $309 per person, per night, enjoy the private dock and kayaking on the lake.

The Ark, Tintipan, Colombia

Just 90 minutes from Cartagena by boat, this small island in the archipelago of Islas del Rosario and San Bernardo boasts a 10,000sqft four-bedroom villa with direct access to gorgeous white beaches and stunning ocean views. Best part, it can accommodate up to 25 of your closest friends, all of whom can board a hired boat (with a certified captain!) to cruise the other islands in the area and it will set you back $660 per night.

Private Island Cottage, Ottawa, Canada

This private island on Big Rideau Lake will allow you to get back to nature for $229 per night. The 100-year-old (renovated) cottage is centered around a large family room and the porch offers views of the lake.

Pine Isle, Lake Maranacook, Maine, USA

OK, so maybe you can't rent this ENTIRE island, but for $220 a night you can rent a room in the only house on it, which is still pretty exclusive, right? In its 1920s heyday, Lake Maranacook was a prime spot for East Coast urbanites eager to trade the sounds of the city for the sunsets of the lake. The island's house, which was built in 1910, offers three rentable rooms.