Everyone has their unique travel ritual. Some pray before the plane takes off, wear the same clothes or keep a lucky charm in their bag. Many are terrified of Friday the 13th and avoid travelling on that day.

Just like every country has its own traditions, it also has its own unique, sometimes crazy superstitions when travelling. Here are the craziest ones that we can find with reports from Yahoo Travel.


After one of their airplanes had a series of mechanical issues, Nepal Airlines sacrificed two goats to help solve the problem. The Boeing 757-200 had some electrical issues, and in addition to making the physical repairs, the airline also sacrificed the farm animals to honour Akash Bhairab, the Hindu god of sky protection. That's what we call covering all of the bases.


Here's a thing about Serbians -- they rejoice over spilled water. According to Serbian custom, spilling water behind a person going to a trip or a job interview will bring them luck and ensure that everything will end in a happy note.

United States

Americans are terrified of the number 13. From scary movies to bedtime stories, the harmless number had horrible PR. For this reason, most U.S. hotels don't have a 13th floor. According to a USA Today article, 13 percent of Gallup Poll respondents said that they would be bothered by a 13th floor room assignment.


If the U.S. is terrified of the number 13, China dislikes number four. For the Chinese, the word four sounds eerily similar to the word for death. So if you're boarding on a Chinese airline, expect to find row four missing.


If in America, people say 'break a leg' to wish people good luck before a show, in Norway, the use of the phrase 'Tvi Tvi.' Technically, the phrase puts a curse on the person before they embark on a journey. The belief is that no evil spirits will approach them because they are already cursed.