Travellers can now enjoy an upgraded, improved, and more family-friendly Sea World water park and resort on the Gold Coast.

 'I've never been so happy to see SpongeBob Squarepants. That goofy grin, those ludicrous legs, those high-waisted shorts. Staring back at me across the Sea World Resort water park, his wide-eyed stare obscured occasionally by a jet of water or fountain spray or gaggle of screaming children,'Bryce Corbett of Australian Women's Weekly 

The resort was first built in 1988 as an adjunct to the Sea World park. Now, it after the renovation, it looks different and fresh. The resort features 401 rooms, which have all been upgraded. Meaning to say, the furnishings have been refreshed, the colour schemes updated, and the comfort level improved.

The accommodation is not the only thing that has improved in the resort. Corbett says that the food, too, has undergone a refresh. For instance, if you wish to go on a weekend, say Friday or Saturday, then you can enjoy a seafood buffet for $75 per adult. The kids pay only $1 for every year of their age. If you are looking for a less expensive food, then you can head to their Japanese a la carte restaurant also on site.

What makes it even more attractive and family friendly is the 'special resort-residents-only Dolphin Discovery presentation' which is held every morning at 9am inside the park. Here, you are given the opportunity to see the park's dolphins up close.

Of course, you will never miss the thrill provided by the rollercoasters. 'The recently-opened Nickelodeon Land is the perfect new attraction for kids - with the Teenage Mutant Ninja flying bikes, Dora's Flying Bananas and the Bikini Bottom Cross Town Express all deserving of special mention,' Corbett said.

Whatever your trip is as a family, whether dolphin watching, underwater swimming, rollercoaster rides, or a quality time, you can have it all at Sea World.