Renting a cabin is a great substitute for tents since the former offers more protection. Gone are the worries of having to forecast the weather and the hassles of installing a shelter.

There are many types of cabins ranging from the basic building with four walls where you sleep with a mattress on the floor to the deluxe variation complete with electricity and air conditioning. Some don't have private bathrooms meaning adventurers will have to use the public bathrooms provided in the campgrounds.

Most of the camping resorts provide fire pit and table where you can have picnic with your friends but it's best to confirm with the hosts prior to your visit. Still, make sure to check the amenities available in the vacation grounds before deciding to stay there.

Inquire beforehand what type of beddings are available and for you to know if there is a need to bring your own sheets. If you're feeling lazy, bring your very own sleeping bag and place it on top of the beds. It's a good idea to carry your own towel too so that you'll be sure you're using the right size.

Cabin camping is best enjoyed with outdoor activities but you need to prepare indoor activities nonetheless in the event the weather does not seem to cooperate. Cards, monopoly and board games are few of the many alternatives available to you should it rain during your cabin camping days.

You and your group should bring camping essentials like cooking utensils and toiletries. It is best to bring clothes that keep you warm during the cold night and clothes that are comfortable to wear during a sunny day when you're out hiking with friends. Ample supply of food, water and firewood is also a must.

Finally, observe proper cabin camping etiquettes such as keeping quiet during sleeping hours and keeping the place clean.