An Eastern brown snake, one of the venomous snakes in Australia, was found and about to lay eggs under a fridge in an Adelaide household. The snake species is considered to be aggressive, and it is the second most venomous snake in the world.

Snake Catchers Adelaide uploaded a video of a common brown snake captured in one of the residences in Moana. The snake was looking for a moist place to lay her eggs and was smart enough to pick the fridge.

After moving the fridge to have a better manner of capturing the animal, the snake catcher grabbed the reptile by the tail and placed it in a sack. The resident and the snake catcher both noticed that the snake is big compared to what is usually found.

After the Eastern brown snake was captured, it was placed in a container where it laid its eggs. It was also noted that the snake shed its skin before laying. There were about 13 to 14 eggs, and the baby snakes were expected to hatch in March. The females usually can have up to 25 eggs with 15 eggs on an average. As seen in the video, the mother coils either to protect its young or to rest due to labour and may continue to do so after several hours. If the housewife did not notice the snake, it would have laid its eggs right under the fridge inside their house and a pack of venomous crawlers would have been released in the neighborhood.

These snakes are commonly seen near human residences across Australia due to the fact that rodents are living among humans, and the snakes are quite fond of rats. They also feast on frogs, birds, smaller mammals, reptiles and their eggs, and even fellow Eastern brown snakes. The young usually dine on cold blooded prey, while the adults prefer to hunt warm blooded ones.