Not all rules of etiquette are laid out for everyone to see and follow. What makes matters worst is that these standards differ from city to city. If you intend to travel to London sometime soon, research on the various accepted courtesies first before heading there.

In London, it is expected to leave a tip if you are dining at a high-service restaurant. The tip usually amounts to 15 percent to 20 percent of your original bill or if the meal costs over £20.

The underground train network in London is considered a very busy place with a massive wave of students and workers making their way to get to their respective offices, schools or to the comfort of their homes. Thus, everyone is expected to have the common courtesy to follow the practices regarding escalators and platforms there. With regards to the escalator, people who want to stand must stay on the right side to make way for people who are most probably in a hurry will be walking down the escalator on the left side.

For people who you just met or would want to make friends with, greet them with 'alright?' and they will respond positively. For people who have become acquainted for some time, it's best to greet them with a handshake to express solidarity.

It's important to keep a map with you because London is quite a large and confusing place that even Londoners themselves get lost. There are even two or three streets that carry the same name and located far from each other. This is why the Londoners bring a map of all the city's streets with them.

Holding doors open is a practice that's thought to have died with the age of chivalrous knights but this is not so in London. So do the extra mile to open the door for other people behind you or show appreciation to someone who held the door for you.