2016 is perhaps the year of the comic book movies because 2 of the much anticipated films from greatest comic book industries DC and Marvel will be released this year. DC comic's 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is slated to release this March while Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' will be up in theatres this May. Other comic book to movie adaptations will also be released this year with Deadpool as the nearest one this coming February.

In France, The International Comic Strip Festival in Angouleme or 'Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême' will be held on January 29 to 31. The comic fair has about 200,000 attendees annually with about 7,000 professionals and 800 journalists. It is celebrated in different areas across the town.

This festival is a venue for professional comic artists around the world to set up exhibitions and signings for their fans. It is an opportunity for publishers and comic book enthusiasts to join competitions and conferences, watch concerts, play games and do other relevant activities.

The comic carnival is said to be the second-largest comic book related event in Europe, the first being the Lucca Comics & Games. Worldwide, Angouleme International Comics Festival comes third with the Comiket (short for Comic Market) being the largest and is being celebrated twice a year in Japan.

The comic fest in Angouleme has been celebrated on January on a yearly basis since 1974. It is being held in the city of Angouleme built on a rocky headlands overlooking the Charente river in France. It was founded by Jean Mardikian, Francis Groux and Claude Moliterni. Mardikian and Groux are cultural ministers for France while Moliterni is a comics scholar and has acted as the festival's co-organizer until 2005.