The Bergin Company of Hoboken, NJ, in its efforts to produce a leather bag for travellers that could stand the test of time, began a fundraising project on Kickstarter to help raise funds for the production of this bag.

The new piece of luggage is named the Bergin Leather Travel Bag, and if everything goes as planned,  the leather travel bag will be introduced to the public midyear - June to be exact.

This high-end leather bag is made specially for travellers. It would show quality, class and elegance.

The Bergin Leather Travel Bag will be made of full grain leather that is as durable as it is appealing. Leather is always in style and delivers a positive statement about the person who owns it. 'People who carry leather goods possess the quality of gravitas that sets them apart from others,' Choriny said. 'You can stand out in a world of mass produced style with the Bergin Leather Travel Bag.'

Bergin Company's idea was inspired by travellers who would like to travel with style, comfort, and quality. 'In an attempt to address a demand for luxury leather travel bags, as entrepreneurs, we have decided to use Kickstarter to give you the opportunity to be among the first to support this company's start-up. We offer our potential customers value, elegance, style and quality. We invite you to be a pioneer in supporting this extraordinary project. Joining this venture will help this start-up company get off the ground and grow,' said Choriny.

The bag will be made available at select retail stores if the production and launching will go through as planned.              

Backers who pledge $380.00 will receive one Bergin Bag that will be sold to the public for $850.00. Plus, they will receive a special certificate as one of the donors and as 'pioneer backers'. Their names will also be listed on Bergin official website linking back to backer's website, Facebook, Instagram or twitter account.

Quantities are limited. If you wish to be a part of this project and/or reserve one for yourself, then contact Bergin Company.