She grew up in Upstate New York with her parents and older sister. She took up fashion design in college and worked in the industry for several years post-graduation. 'I've been fortunate enough to chase my dream of owning my own collection and showing at New York Bridal Fashion week. Recently, I decided to change careers and become a travel blogger.'

Now, Michelle considers herself as a full-time explorer. She has been travelling for four years now while she has been taking photos for about 10 years.

When Michelle took her first travel, she immediately knew it was something she would love to do for the rest of her life. 'I immediately fell in love with exploring the world and seeing new things. I love to immerse myself in different cultures and soon I was addicted,' she said.

It's a passion that's grown over time.

Michelle's life before she decided to see the world was already creative in itself. She owned a bridal company. Then, one day, she woke up and couldn't figure out why she was working so hard all the time. It got the best of her. 'If a friend wanted to catch up I had to schedule it a month ahead of time. I was always stressed out and rarely had time to even do simple chores like [shop food],' she recalls.

'I always thought I wanted to be rich so that I could travel and have incredible experiences. I finally figured out that being a work addict for two weeks of vacation didn't make sense. If I wanted to, I could vacation for a year (or more) on my savings as long as I budgeted carefully,' Michelle added.

It was then that she finally made the decision, closed down her bridal company, packed her bags and started discovering the world. Of course, giving up her business was definitely a sacrifice. According to Michelle, it took months for her to finally 'pull the plug' and give up the business she worked so hard on for four years. 'I can always try again in the future,' she tells TravelersToday.

Michelle admits that she is still in the early stages of this new adventure. As of the present, she is exploring New York City and saving up money for a year long trip through South East Asia.

Right now, the biggest challenge is learning to be a successful travel blogger and getting my work out there to the public. At the moment I'm focusing on trip planning and learning how to really use social media. It's a fun challenge especially when the reward is travelling the world.'

At this point of her travelling career, Michelle has learned a few things. Here is what she said:

'So far, I've learned that traveling opens you up to so many opportunities in your personal life. I recently started exploring how to use Instagram. I mean really use it to its fullest capacity. I've been amazed at how many people want to speak with someone on the other side of the world. I've been invited to stay in Mauritius (a small island in the Indian Ocean). I've met a tour guide in Indonesia. I've gained advice on what treks to take in Nepal from a fellow traveller. And I've made a new friend in Idaho. It's incredible how many people will welcome you with open arms when you share with them a little bit about you. I've made more international connections in a week than I had formerly made my whole life.'

With all the lessons learned and the experience gained through travelling, Michelle believes that one should not wait for the perfect moment to travel.

So for aspiring travellers, Michelle has this to say:

'Often times we put traveling off for simple reasons like work. Something I've learned is that we should work to live. We shouldn't live to work.'

Remember what it is you will take away from life at the end of the day. Will you fondly remember all of the days spent in the office, or will you look back at all of your adventures with a warm smile?

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