Shield Apparel made a Kickstarter campaign to help individuals shield their brain waves from Big Brother and look cool while doing it with their 'Signal Proof Headwear.' The pitch is in such appeal that the early bird offer for one sign confirmation hat for about $24 is already sold out.

The London-based headwear comes as either beanies or baseball caps, and guarantees to block out signals from telephones, WiFi, microwaves, TV signals and satellites. The organisation claims to utilise pure silver as a fabric to block out what they call 'electromagnetic smog,' which is set between the cap's layers.

The apparel was inspired by a relative who griped that he couldn't nod off and pointed the finger on wireless signals, according to the Kickstarter.

'We are not saying that it protects 100% against all kinds of electromagnetic waves that are bad for your health,' the group said. 'What we are saying is that if you care about yourself, be smart and put on this first signal proof apparel instead of the usual one - no one will spot it and it will protect you.'

The signal head protectors are surely more subtle than their tinfoil partners, and come in all sizes, from babies to grown-ups. The company described their signal blocking caps as one of 'the most comfortable and useful headwear you have ever worn,' and asserted it was invisible to radar and infra-red, in case any government offices were following you.

'Shield offers the right headwear suitable for every situation,' they advertised. 'You do not have to be paranoid or into conspiracy theories.'

The start-up claims the cap is better to the tin foil cap, utilising real circumstance and studies to add to the headwear, and is additionally more lovely and agreeable than tin foil. On Sunday morning, the campaign raised $15,327 with 197 sponsors, and has ten more days to achieve its goal at $19,268.